What is this all about?

buy generic levitra with priligy ‘Lagocratic Games’ is an independent one man company focused on Dadaism and highly childish games. I believes that in a world overwhelmed by oversophisticated and wow effect driven computer games, silly games have become a profession of faith. (ok, truth is it’s easier to code silly cheap games)

buy motilium 10 uk No really, this blog is just about doing my best to build the games that I would like to play and sharing them with whoever wants to give it a try.

Who’s In Charge Here?

Well just the average computer guy really. As far as I remember it all begun when the 7-8 years old boy that I was got a Spectrum 48k from his uncle. “Games are cool” I thought, “but how do they make ’em?”.

Now about 30 years later I’m a C# developer by day, a doting dad in the evening and a game developer wannabe when my two berserkers are asleep and I’m not.

What’s with bunnies?

Well you know, some are cat people, some are dog people. I personally think that one day bunnies will rule the world. And when that happens I’d rather be in their good books.