New year, new site, new game

So, 2015 has come to an end and 2016 is about to begin. Looks like it’s time to tackle my new year’s resolutions. Now in order to prepare for a 10k I will need a new pair of running shoes and… oh wait… this is the games blog. Well let’s move on to the next resolution then.

As far as I remember, writing video games has always been a hobby though most of these games don’t really go beyond the stage of proof of concept before being tossed away because I feel like I have a better game idea. So my resolution is: Write my next games from A to Z. Or at least somewhere near Z. Let’s say a little bit further than B would be great for a start. Anyway, I thought that keeping a public journal of my experiments might help.

Now a blog about works in progress obviously need at least one work in progress. So let’s cast a spell and bring back to life one of these long time gone proofs of concepts:

Buccaneers Of The Booty is a local multiplayer NES-ish retro joypads naval battles game that I’ve started years ago. This project is a complete reboot of the original for I won’t go so far into the dark arcanes as to raise the source code back from the graveyard of superseded technologies in which it was written.

Watch this space

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